Talks etc

The Rise of the API...Evolving Security to Match the Web - 10th December 2020 - TechUG

OWASP Top 10: API Security Playbook - 25th September 2020 Pluralsight

Secure Coding: Broken Access Control - 24th April 2020 - Pluralsight

From Builder to Breaker - 26th November 2019 - (ISC)2 North East England

Getting Started With BeEF - 6th November 2019 - Pluralsight

From Builder to Breaker - 29th August 2019 - BSides Manchester (Youtube)

Red Teaming: a view from the field - 13th June 2019 - OWASP Newcastle

My Path to CSSLP - 4th December 2018 - (ISC)2 North East England

My Path to CSSLP - 25th September 2018 - OWASP Newcastle

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